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PKF Audisur acts a registered responsible party on this behalf.

Law 25326 concerning the Protection of Personal Information (known as Ley de protección de los datos personales) is a public regulation which controls the activity of databases registering information deemed as personal. Its purpose is to safeguard people from the use of their personal information.

Pursuant to sub-section 14, par. 3 of Law 25326, the owner of the information is entitled to enforce the right to access the same freely in periods of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest is certified to that purpose;

The National Administration for the Protection of Personal Information (known as Dirección nacional de protección de datos personales), is the Compliance Entity created by virtue of Law 25326 and is empowered to processing all requests and claims filed in relation to the non-compliance of the regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

PKF Audisur undertakes the role of Registered Responsible party, given that it has complied with all the legal requirements pursuant to this law; regulated by the National Administration for the Protection of Personal Information.

Protection of personal information